Aquasun provide a wide range of pre-owned hot tubs at a high value cost.

Second Hand Hot Tub Collection

As we are recognised as one of Ireland’s leading hot tub suppliers, Aquasun IE also offer a collection of high quality and cost-effective pre-owned hot tubs as well as our new hot tubs. Owning a hot tub has never been more affordable, and ownership can come by even more easily if you opt for a pre-owned model instead. On top of this, all our used hot tubs come with a full guarantee!

Browse High Quality Pre-Owned Hot Tubs from Aquasun

The dedicated Aquasun team are devoted to providing great value high standard hot tubs, and this line of thinking does not change with our used hot tubs.  Despite being preowned, all our used hot tubs are not heavily compromised in terms of quality and are available for a highly attractive price point!

There is a strong demand for cheap hot tubs across Ireland, however at Aquasun we are committed to providing our customers with hot tubs that are both affordable and of a high standard. All our preowned hot tubs are rigorously tested on a variety of aspects before being passed for sale, so by opting for Aquasun you can be confident that your used hot tub will be a cost effective and high-quality solution.

Why Buy a Used Hot Tub?

The ex-display hot tub collection is constantly being expanded here at Aquasun, and new models are being added on a regular basis. Here’s all the reasons why second hand hot tubs make for a great addition to your home or business.

A large selection of our used hot tubs have been returned after just a few days of use, meaning our pre-owned range have the capabilities to provide premium performance for between 10 and 25 years (depending on its use).

Once Aquasun take in a used hot tub, without fail we will conduct an array if significant procedural checks to ensure that the hot tub is ready for resale. We have a team of talented engineers who check every model before conducting decontamination to ensure it is in the best possible condition.

At Aquasun we understand that many prospective hot tub owners do not decide to follow through with a purchase due to the associated costs. However, buying a hot tub second hand is a great cost-effective solution for picking up a hot tub, and many of our demo models have not been used much before being put up for sale!

In addition to the selection of fantastic financial packages that we have available on pre-owned hot tubs, we also have flexible finance deals on used hot tubs too! If you would like to purchase a used hot tub but have a few questions regarding your budget, then please feel free to contact the Aquasun team today.

It is not just our new hot tubs that come with a full guarantee here at Aquasun, as all our pre-owned models do too! If you encounter any issues with your used hot tub, just get in touch with our team and we can help you repair the damage.

Contact us for Cheap Hot Tub Deals in Ireland

If you are on the lookout for a second-hand hot tub in Ireland, or would like to speak to one of our dedicated team members about our selection of second-hand products, please don’t hesitate in speaking to the Aquasun team today.

To contact our team, simply leave us your details by hitting the ‘Contact us’ button below, or speak directly with one of our friendly and helpful team members by pressing ‘Call now’.

The Aquasun team are always happy to help you with any second-hand related queries that you may have.

How can Aquasun help?

Whether you’re looking for a hot tub, spa, sauna, endless pool or BBQ hut our friendly team have years of expertise to call on in finding the best deal to suit your needs.  We also offer dedicated, professional service and advice for our existing customers including a comprehensive chemical & accessory shop.  You can even come to the showroom and test drive one of our tubs!

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