Modular Elite Endless Pool


Modular Elite Endless Pool

The Modular Elite Endless Pool, complete with a 7.5-hp motor, easily creates a 56/100 metre pace, making it one of the fastest and smoothest currents available from any Endless Pool. Two custom propellors produces a flow of water, allowing the swimmer to swim endlessly. The pool is operated by a single remote control, which a coach can use to increase speed to improve a swimmers race pace. Aquasun have a wide range of modular Endless Pools to choose from dependant on your needs.

The Elite Endless Pool is a recommended tool for coaches and swimmers as it provides a unique way to analyse every element of a swimmers stroke. Due to the small nature of the pool, coaches can easily give instructions while viewing every angle of the swimmers movements with multiple adjustable cameras and mirrors to allow for real-time feedback.

This Endless Pool is available in a range of sizes and can be built to specific depths and sizes dependent on individual training needs. Sizes are variable up to 5m, making it easy to fit into training centres or homes for convenient one to one tuition and guidance.

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Pricing and Running Costs

There are a wide range of high quality endless pools on the market and the initial price will always depend on the internal features available in each model.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the amazing cost to maintain an endless pool. Aquasun work with a variety trusted brands who offer the best energy efficiency and comprehensive warranties.

Get in touch with our team of specialists to find out about some of our amazing deals and flexible finance options we have on the best quality endless pools you’ll find in Ireland.

Prices usually range from around €19,000 for standard-level small swim spas, with the most advanced large models being about €55,000.

Here at Aquasun, we offer some amazing options widely available for leading brands, making it easier than ever to have access to your own personal luxury spa with affordable monthly payments.

All of the endless pools we offer give you access to a home hub that provides you with years of fun, relaxation and fitness benefits for you and all of your loved ones.

When you’re looking for a standalone endless pool or a more luxury modular pool for your living space, Aquasun have finance available for every option.

With the range of flexible finance options available there’s sure to be a deal that suits all of your requirements.  Get a no-obligation quote today and you can begin experiencing the life-enhancing features of an endless pool!

Operating an endless pool is very similar to a hot tub when considering the costs.

Naturally, depending on the energy rates, location, model and usage you can expect to pay between 30 and 60 every month.

To help further reduce costs, you can take simple steps such as maintaining the perfect ambient temperature throughout the pool room and making sure that you keep the endless pool properly covered and insulated when not in use.

When compared with a standard public swimming pool, our endless pools are relatively easy to keep low-maintenance. Just a few minutes each week can be spent on water care, while filters should typically be replaced every six months.

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