HotSpring Highlife Jetsetter Hot Tub

HotSpring Highlife Jetsetter Hot Tub

It may be one of the smaller models, but this beautiful hot tub supplies superior comfort.  The HotSpring Highlife Jetsetter hot tub is perfect for one, two or three users. The Jetsetter Jet System offers an incredible 22 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves.

Affordable, yet boasting superior quality, comfort and craftsmanship.  This is a spa you will want to try.

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Touchscreen Control


Highlife® Collection spas know how important the potential of hot tubs are with up to 7 different jets that allow you to choose the strength and style of massage.

Feel the all the tension melt away in an instance as the Hydromassage jet works like the hands of an expert masseuse.  Also, the rotating nozzles soothe tired and week muscles in your neck, back and limbs.

For a more focused and intensive massage, the Precision™ jets operate in a group to help relieve stress while the adjustable directional Hydromassage nozzles allow you to target chosen areas in comfort.



The Highlife collection has been specially designed with the purpose of taking both personal control and how energy efficient it is to new levels.

Every Highlife model always utilises the Energy Smart™ system to its full advantage.  These hot tubs maximise efficiency and heat retention in many ways:

  • The SmartJet™ system has personalize settings so that power is directed only to the jets you want to use.
  • The SilentFlo 5000™ pump uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb
  • An intelligent heating system all covered by an unconditional 5-year warranty
  • Layers of foam insulate the tub, keeping in heat and preventing energy loss
  • State-of-the-art spa covers with a hinge seal that help retain heat


Speak to our helpful team at Aquasun to find out how investing in a luxury Highlife hot tub could save you money when compared against other options on the market.



The Highlife Collection brings together the best water care research so you can be assured of the best spa water with the least amount of maintenance.

Our Freshwater™ Salt Systems provides simple sanitation procedure that can keep your spa water clean and safe for up to a year.  When the salt is applied to your water, the inbuilt system automatically generates chlorine at a level that leaves your water clean, soft and free from any harsh chemical smells.  Freshwater™ takes the stress and uncertainty out of maintaining your spa water.



When buying a hot tub with Aquasun, you can be guaranteed of great ongoing support and advice every time.  Hot tubs in the amazing Highlife Collection all come with a comprehensive warranty from a trusted manufacturer.

Don’t take our word for it! Discover our testimonials from our customers.



The unrivalled technological features and visual effects obviously makes The Highlife Collection our premier luxury spa line.

Every tiny aspect of the design is fully focused on a synergy of practicality and beauty, with Aquasun offering a great choice of amazing models to suit all of your requirements and sizes from 3 to 7-seaters.

The ergonomic seating and luxury features are all sculpted to be sympathetic with the whole aesthetic concept . The expert designers of these hot tubs have specially selected the best shell colours that increase the ambiance of each spa pool.

You have a great choice of tasteful cabinet styles:

  • Shale and Sandstone cabinets have a seductive finish like  stone
  • Brushed Nickel and Bronze cabinets provide a sleek metallic effect
  • The subtle grain pattern of Walnut and Driftwood cabinets

Use our ‘design your hot tub’ feature to get a real feel for your favourite combination.

Get in touch with Aquasun today for a free quote and take the next steps towards the ultimate spa experience.

Touchscreen Control

Touchscreen Control

All of our Highlife hot tubs feature a wireless remote control panel with touchscreen control.

You can also operate all your spa features with the useful panel which can be operated remotely by anyone within 30ft of the moulded docking tray.  The panel sits snugly in the tray when not in use.

You can manage power, temperature, lighting, cleaning cycles, jets and other settings in comfort as you soak!  Selected models also have the facility to select and adjust music settings from the tub.

Optional accessories available in our store

Cover Lifters

Cover Lifters

Spa covers to meet all space and design requirements.



We have a host of practical and attractive accessories to enhance your home spa.

Water Care

Water Care

Everything you need to keep your spa water sparkling clean can be found here.

Prices and Running Costs

The Highlife Collection provides you with the ultimate spa experience, with state-of-the art features and advanced jet technology.  It’s been designed for optimum lifetime economy, so you might be surprised at just how cheap it is to run and maintain a Highlife hot tub in your home or garden!

The cost of a new luxury hot tub will depend on several factors, including the size, design features, and the engineering quality of the water and heating system. They often have more advanced control features.  The typical market price for luxury hot tubs is between £11,000 and £22,000.

Here at Aquasun, we’ve always got a range of amazing offers on brand new hot tubs that could help you save hundreds of pounds and we have Highlife models available on finance to help spread out the cost even more. Discover our latest range special offers or get in touch with our dedicated team and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Whatever hot tub takes your fancy, Aquasun offer a wide range of flexible finance options with affordable monthly payments.

Everyone here at Aquasun want you to be able to fully enjoy amazing performance from your hot tub throughout its lifetime; that’s why we also offer a maintenance service and shop for all your water care necessities!

The relaxation and health benefits of a hot tub are literally just a  click away.  Contact our friendly team for a quote.

All the spas in the Highlife Collection have a many features that can help you save on the overall running costs when compared to other models on the market.

Usually, when you sit down and compare the monthly operating pricing of an standard hot tub with those of a luxury spa, there is no huge difference. Usually, average user would typically spend around £20-£40 per month on running a good quality hot tub, depending on energy rates.

Getting an overall idea of the typical costs involved in running a Highlife spa is to speak to one of our expert team. We can then get an idea about the perfect of hot tub you want, how often you’d use it within the year and the best way you can utilise the features of the Highlife to maximise energy efficiency and keep energy bills low.

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