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Aquasun offer an outstanding range of hot tub accessories, chemicals and water treatment products, each of which are essential in the successful maintenance of your hot tub or swim spa. Get in touch with us to discover which spa chemical or water treatment product is best suited to your specific requirements, and place an order from our top quality, terrific value collection today.

Maintaining your Hot Tub with Chemicals and Accessories

Our hot tub chemical and accessory shop features a wide array of products essential for the maintenance of your hot tub or spa. We make hot tub maintenance easy, so be sure to choose Aquasun for your hot tub chemicals and accessories, and regularly check back to see which new products we have in stock.

Water Care

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Everything you need to keep your spa water in prime condition
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Hot tub accessories

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Handy gadgets and practical extras
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Endless pool accessories

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Useful accoutrements for your swim spa
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Sauna accessories

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Spa Maintenance FAQs

Helpful advice for visitors to our shop.

Do you need to address an issue with water care, maintenance or usage of your hot tub, endless pool or sauna but don’t know what product you need?

It’s what we do for a living, so if you need expert advice you can call us on  01 69 500 29 (Dublin)  

Inadequate flow or temperature is often caused by a faulty or unclean spa filter, but there can be other causes.

You may need to clean or replace your filter(s) or other components such as pumps, valves pipes or drain covers.

Speak to our team to see how we can help you resolve this.

Yes you can.  We recommend that you secure the hot tub with a cover, especially if you are going on away for a period of time.

Periods when your hot tub is empty are an ideal opportunity to clean or repair it.  

If you are leaving your hot tub empty in winter, you must make sure it is completely drained internally and externally; freezing water can damage the hot tub.

Our top tips for maintaining crystal clear and sanitary water in your hot tub or swim spa are:

  • Fill the tub with filtered water
  • Keep your filters clean!
  • Use consistent and appropriate sanitizer levels
  • Test your water
  • Maintain your spa regularly
  • Changer your water at least three times a year
  • Use line flush and shock pot products to keep your system clean throughout

The Aquasun shop has everything you need to help you achieve this.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of and need guidance, call our helpful team or get in touch online.

How can Aquasun help?

Whether you’re looking for a hot tub, spa, sauna, endless pool or BBQ hut our friendly team have years of expertise to call on in finding the best deal to suit your needs.  We also offer dedicated, professional service and advice for our existing customers including a comprehensive chemical & accessory shop.  You can even come to the showroom and test drive one of our tubs!

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