Barrel Sauna 1.7

Barrel Sauna

Barrel Sauna 1.7

Perfectly designed for garden and backyard use, the Barrel Sauna 1.7 only takes up little space! Made with high quality materials this sauna can help decorate its surrounding area whilst also having its practical use of a sauna.

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Prices and Running Costs

The Sauna has been part of everyday life for many friends and families across Finland and Scandanavian countries for over 2000 years.

This wellness therapy designed to calm the body and mind sed fire to create intense heats. Nowadays, the choice of an authentic wood-burning stove or the convenience of an electric heater is available.

A sauna is a place for healing, enjoyment and relaxation, the fantastic benefits of this age-old ritual includes:

•           Soothing tired muscles
•           Relieving tension and fatigue
•           Promoting mental wellbeing
•           Improved circulation and metabolic rate
•           Temporary relief of arthritic conditions
•           Releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers
•           Removing toxins from the body
•           Relief from the symptoms of sinus congestion
•           Promoting blood flow to maintain healthy skin

A sauna is relaxing and can be a personal oasis of calm and wellbeing in your home or garden.

Choose from a range of sauna therapies and cabins available from Aquasun. Lets us help you choose the perfect sauna retreat, indoor or outside, from a small indoor 1-person infrared cabin to a large 8+ seater outdoor conventional saunas suitable for home or commercial use.

The Classic prefabricated, conventional or infrared saunas that is well made, with quality heaters will typically cost around €2,250 to €4,500.

Our Premium range of sauna cabins, made by Tylo are fully featured and start in the region of €7500+
Complete custom sauna fit-outs can range in price and are highly influenced by the size of the cabin, choice of materials and choice of luxury or modest finishes, including a wide range of sauna heater to choose.  Custom-fit provides our customers with precisely the Sauna they want, with the finishes they desire, we can kit our your Sauna to the highest of specification similar to that of 5* spa.

Typical a 4-person custom cabin can range from €4,500 – 9,000+
Sauna bathing is increasingly popular and is the ideal wellness and social activity to enjoy in the colder Irish climate.  Choose the therapeutic benefits of traditional sauna bathing or Infrared cabins and Aquasun can offer finance deals from FlexFi so you can begin your sauna journey without breaking the bank.

Get Finance for an Indoor Sauna

Finance for saunas is now available with Humm Finance from Aquasun!

Choose between a range of flexible, affordable payment terms from our finance partner Humm Finance. Contact us to find out more.

It is important to consider the day-to-day costs of running a sauna. While this will vary due to the particular sauna heater, the level of usage, and local electric rates, it is quite easy to work out what operating costs are likely to be.

The formula to work out running cost is:

No of kW of Sauna heater X unit price of electric  = cost per hour.
Eg: 6kw heater X 15 cent (average unit price in Ireland)  = 90 cents per sauna session.

Sauna Bathing is exceptionally affordable, and electric heaters are designed for speedy heat-up times. The above formula shows the cost based on the sauna heater continuously heating for one hour. Once the heater has reached desire temperature, it will cut out and only start again when the heat drops below the desired temperature set.

To operate a 6 kW electric stove suitably sized for 4-6 person traditional steam sauna will cost approximately €0.90 per one-hour sauna session.
Infrared Sauna featuring Ultra-Low EMF carbon panels are very efficient too. A 2 person infrared sauna will cost approximately €0.30 per hour sauna session

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