How to Maintain your Swim Spa?

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Swim Spa Maintenance Queries

How do I prevent a build-up of cloudy water?

Use instant filter cleaner to remove debris, oil and grease from spa filters. This, in turn, will help prevent poor filtration and water balance, whilst also countering against the conglomeration of undesirable compounds and low sanitizer residual: all common factors in the creation of cloudy water. Perform regular sanitizer residual checks, and maintain generous levels wherever possible.

How do I prevent scale formation?

Weekly use of Spa Scale Inhibitor will counter-act the formation of scale. This solution will combat excess calcium dissolution within your swim spa water.

How do I prevent staining?

The weekly use of Spa Scale Inhibitor will make your swim spa far less susceptible to staining, whilst this solution can also help with stain removal, should it occur in less regular users’ spas. Metals within the water are typically the most frequent cause of hot tub stains.

How do I prevent skin and eye irritation when using my swim spa?

Don’t panic if you experience dry and itchy skin or bloodshot eyes when first using your swim spa: this is somewhat the norm for new or irregular users, and is most commonly caused by abnormal pH levels within water. The purchase of a pH Increaser or Reducer, obviously dependent on your requirements, is strongly advised.

How do I prevent foaming?

The use of Spa Foam Reducer is an ideal combatant to foaming, which is amongst the most regular complaints of new swim spa users. Totally common, it occurs in the presence of lotions and cosmetics etc.

How do I prevent a build-up of coloured water?

Copper erosion within swim spas can often lead to the presence of coloured water, so owners’ best chance of preventing such scenarios is to target the source. Abnormal pH and water velocity levels, as well as calcium hardness, are common causes of copper erosion, and can be battled against with Spa Scale Inhibitor. Draining your swim spa may be necessary in extreme cases.

How do I prevent bio film growth?

Bio film growth is caused by an accumulation of bacteria within your swim spa, and often appears as a slimy, spaghetti-like white substance. Fully drain your swim spa to remove bacteria, before refilling the reservoir with fresh, clean water that reaches the jets. Alongside the performance of this process, the infusion into your system of three or four times the usual amount of stabilised chlorine granules is advised.

Following this, allow your new water to circulate for between two and three hours, remove the existing filter(s) as you do so. From there, soak your filters in a solution at the approximate scale of two teaspoons of stabilised chlorine granules to 10 gallons of water. As the final step, fully drain the spa again, prior to refilling, rebalancing and sanitizing your swim spa.


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