How to prevent these from depositing…

Copper may erode from the spa’s circulation system and/or dissolve into the water due to high velocity and/or low pH, low total alkalinity and low calcium hardness. This can show up as green or greenish-blue water. The source of your water may also contain metals such as copper, iron or manganese.

To prevent these from depositing out on the spa’s surface and causing ugly stains, use Spa Essentials Spa Scale Inhibitor. Draining the spa may be necessary in severe cases of dissolved metal.

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As aforementioned, the use of Spa Essentials Spa Scale Inhibitor is essential in preventing the deposit of metals in your hot tub water. Thankfully this, and a great array of other hot tub maintenance products are available within our hot tub chemical and accessory shop. Order online from our superb collection today.


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