Maintenance of Sauna Rocks and Heaters

At the very core of a successful sauna operation, the presence and continued maintenance of heaters and sauna rocks is absolutely essential, and actually incredibly easy to control. In fact, the amount of maintenance required on such items is virtually non-existent, but Aquasun have compiled some useful advice on the initial installation and setup of these imperative commodities, particularly useful for first-time sauna buyers.

Sauna Heater and Rocks Installation Advice

Firstly, sauna rocks should be thoroughly rinsed prior to their installation, ensuring the removal of small particles before they are placed in and around heating elements. Better airflow through the heater will result from rocks being loosely inserted, whilst this will also aid in prolonging rocks’ tolerance of extreme temperature shifts before breaking down. Rocks boasting peridotite and olivine properties are amongst the most reliable to choose when the time does eventually arrive to make replacements, and if you do become suspicious of a breakdown, you should allow your heater to cool down before pressing the reset button, which is usually located underneath the heater.


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