How to Maintain your Sauna?

Renowned as a leading hot tub and swim spa supplier in Ireland and the UK for over 17 years, Aquasun’s provision of an outstanding collection of saunas has only served to strengthen our industry reputation. And we are fully committed to constantly progressing and improving each and all of our products and services. With that in mind, we can boast of being up to speed with the absolute latest in sauna technology, and can answer any questions you may have regarding the latest revolutionary internal and external features, as well as queries about new bespoke lighting, and which products in our immense range sport such components. In addition to this, our extensive industry experience and expertise ensures that we are well placed to answer any and all questions surrounding sauna maintenance, and how to avoid problems with your product, whether you opt for a conventional, infrared or barrel sauna.

Sauna Maintenance Queries

In comparison with our tremendous selection of hot tubs and swim spas, our superb saunas actually require very little maintenance. Occasional sweeping and vacuuming of the floor will usually suffice, along with an infrequent rinsing of the bench tops and backrests using soapy water. We have, however, put together a list of measures you can take to ensure the smooth year-round operation of a good looking sauna.

• Wood maintenance – Though the temptation may be difficult to resist, it is not recommended that you use any wood protectant or sealant inside your sauna, even if the interior alters slightly in colour over time. Benches and backrests can instead benefit from light sanding, aiding to restore the wood to its original state in terms of aesthetics and feel.
• Use a towel! – Whilst sweating is a natural and fully expected result of an enjoyable sauna experience, it can contribute to the discolouring and staining of wood. As such, placing towels on backrests and bench tops is an effective preventative method, whilst covering the lower half of your body with one is also advised.
• Wash your feet! – Before even entering your sauna, we strongly suggest that you thoroughly rinse your feet, removing unwanted bacteria and debris from them in turn. Floors and benches will prove less susceptible to discolouration and require less cleaning as a result.


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