Why is Hot Tub Filters Maintenance Vital?

Hot tub filters are susceptible, over time, to clogging up as excess grease and dirt builds up naturally. Aquasun stock a range of products to help in this regard, whilst our building of such vast industry experience has seen us identify the best ways to make these treatments as effective as possible, and pass on such advice accordingly. Different water types populate different hot tubs, with the area you are situated in usually determining which kind is used. Thus, careful attention must be paid to the contrasting actions that your hot tub requires in light of the varied types of water being utilized.

Choosing the Right Hot Tub Filter

Aquasun offer a terrific range of hot tub filters, suitable for use on specific items within our tremendous hot tub collections, often dependent upon brand. Careful consideration should be given to the type of filter you opt to purchase therefore, and you must ensure the product aligns with the brand of hot tub you have bought, or plan to buy.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub Filter

The regular cleaning of filters is incredibly important, combating the accumulation of grease and dirt, which can lead to eventual corrosion and staining within the hot tub. Again, Aquasun has you covered with regards to hot tub filter cleaning equipment, with a plethora of products housed in our chemical and water care section. A standard bottle of Aquasun cartridge cleaner comes highly recommended, and provides an avenue to the simplest, yet most effective way to clean your filter(s).

Firstly, any and all filters should be removed from the hot tub, and soaked in cartridge cleaner for 24 hours. Following this process to chemically dismantle unwanted chemicals, and a hosing down, your filter or filters will be as new. If you live in, or your hot tub is installed in a hard water area meanwhile, use of a pressure cleaner in addition to a hose is the key to obtaining the best results possible. This will aid greatly with the dispatch of a difficult-to-spot calcium build-up, and thus the prevention of filter blockages.

Contact us for Hot Tub Filter advice

Of course, if you are keen to find out more about hot tub filters and the most effective way to utilise them, the Aquasun team is on hand to help. Simply leave details of your query on our contact us page, or if you would prefer, give us a call direct on 028 2763 7988 from Northern Ireland, or 01 69 500 29 from the Republic.


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