How to Prepare for your BBQ Hut?

BBQ Hut Arrival and Assembly

Arguably the most commonly asked questions surrounding our outstanding BBQ huts and houses though, are in relation to the initial arrival and assembly of our customers’ chosen product. As such, we have compiled a list of regularly received queries here…

Do you require planning permission for a BBQ hut?

It is highly unlikely that you will need planning permission to complete a BBQ hut installation, but you should clear the purchase with your local planning authority just in case, particularly if you live within a conservation area.

Does my BBQ hut require a base?

A base is needed for your BBQ hut, and can be created from a wide variety of materials to best suit your preference. A level base is highly recommended, and can consist of wood decking, concrete base or patio slabs.

Are BBQ huts easy to assemble?

Your BBQ hut will prove relatively easy to assemble and install, more so with help from at least one extra person. Delivered with easy-to-follow instructions, your hut or house can be up and running within two days or possibly even less with two or more people working on its inception.

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