The Hot Tub has enhanced our lives and our garden!


A delighted Outdoor Hot Tub customer

With thanks to Aquasun.

When we purchased our Hot Tub last Christmas we had no idea how much of a feature it would be in our garden. We added a deck around the tub during the summer.

The Hot Tub itself has been in constant use, during the crisp cold winter nights it has been so peaceful and relaxing to sit out under the star filled sky and unwind with the kids. They have loved it both in the cold of winter or in the summer sunshine. (The easily adjusted temperature makes it ideal for any season).

We have benefited from the use of the massage jets and the hot spa stream, which have often eased away the aches and pains of a long day. The massage has also been of great benefit to our children after their sports. The Hot Tub has enhanced our lives and our garden we recommend it for all ages.


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